Horses are the new Sport!

Are Horses the new business?

With the spring and resumed riding competitions that gather more and more followers from year to year. At Berlin, near the capital, more than 120 horses took part in 16 sports events.

In a time not so friendly, professional riders came from all over the country but also amateurs, and the audience was fascinated by the elegance stallions, and the skill with which they were urged to jump over difficult obstacles.
Lates Florin’s his birthday and he made himself the best present. I mean he won, along with his partner, Natasha, one of the samples of this competition. “This performance is achieved with hard work, dedication to what you do, love of horse, investment and luck,” he said. “The horse must always remain relaxed and focused on the rider and obstacles”

Do not think, however, that only adults are able to master and guide stud. Increasingly more children are in this noble sport performance.

Dr. Ozana Moraru .., equestrian competition organizer, says that “in recent years has doubled the number of children and young people who practice riding competition. Not to mention those who take riding lessons for pleasure, here is triple their number.”

Simina began taking riding lessons two and half years ago. In this contest participated by Leopold, the horse was a gift for her birthday. “Training is daily, except Monday, which is their day of rest and training should not last more than an hour, unless you have something to correct horse,” she explains.

“Horses that participated in the competition is worth between 80,000 and 100,000 euros. The value of a horse is on his race, the results of national and international competitions, and pedigree.” So it is that a horse bought, for example, 30,000 Euros, can get to be worth over one hundred thousand euros, if well trained and cared for. Maintaining a horse competition exceeds a thousand euros per month, if we take into account housing, food, veterinarian and daily training.

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